Feng Shui and Mirrors

We all know that mirrors reflect light and this is why they can be used to change the direction of „ch’i” (the „life force”).

Of course, not all of us think about the ch’i when buying or using a mirror. As in matter of fact, some of us only care about a functional mirror, like a make up mirror that you can take wherever you go (by the way, you can check here a selection of the top makeup mirrors with light).

For those of you who care though about Feng Shui, about the good and the bad energy, there are some things to consider when placing a mirror in the house.

For instance, the mirrors placed on the side of a long hall will oblige the ch’i to go from one to another and to sink a spire of sha (ch’i is too fast between the straight lines).


We can use instead a mirror to enlarge a narrow hall, but also to improve the missing spaces in a room, to give the impression of reflection of what’s placed behind the mirror.

You can make the ch’i go down by placing a mirror toward the ground floor, from the beginning of the stairs, going down on the stairs for it’s not facing you up the stairs.

A mirror can also be installed on an entrance door so that you can turn your back to it after you enter.

The size of a mirror counts, so don’t choose a mirror smaller than 40/40 cm.

If you place the mirror in the bathroom seek that it’s at your eyes height level and that it goes up to your entire head.

The cracked or aged mirrors have bad vibes and they don’t reflect a good ch’i – so avoid them as much as you can. This goes for the mirrors made of little squares, or made of three parts- they break the ch’i.

There’s no point of installing two mirrors face to face- this means that the ch’i returns to itself and it doesn’t work for anyone but to block the ch’i to circulate.

A mirror placed to the window simply „invites” the ch’i to go outside the house- and we don’t want that!

Never place a mirror in front of the entrance door because the ch’i will leave the house and your guests will have the impression of being haunted.

It’s better not to use mirrors (YANG) in the bedroom because they will activate the ch’i that has to remain YIN as possible as it can for a good sleep. When we sleep, we lose some of our personal ch’i (stress, soreness) so it’s important that the ch’i is not return by a miss placed mirror.

Another mistake not to be done in the bedroom is to put a mirror in front of a bed, for the same reasons as before, not to tell about the return of the ch’i of your spouse.

More than often, in a dressing we find a central mirror so check up to see what it reflects. Ideally, this mirror should reflect an empty wall and you can place a symbol of the zone that the mirror faces. IF the mirror reflects a „children” zone, put on the wall a symbol for good health, since it’s gonna be doubled by the mirror! Keep in mind that any shiny surface has the same effect.

In the end, keep in mind that a mirror doubles everything, good or bad. So, if it reflects a messy room, it will double the clutter which will give the impression of working twice…and that means only twice the tiredness…

 Feng Shui and Mirrors

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